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Psalm 65:2

O you who answer prayer!
To you all flesh shall come.

All flesh shall come

God is a god who answers prayer. He hear the cries of the heart. He hears the tears of those who grieve, the anger of those betrayed, the despair of those abandoned. He hears the hunger for bread on the table and for the bread that does not perish. He hears the yearning for peace in our homes and peace in our world. He hears the longing for an end to the shouting and deceiving. He hears the plea for mercy, the unspoken ache for release from the weight of guilt. He hears the desire for healing in our bodies and our world.

God is the god who answers prayer. Who calls forth the light at the beginning of time. Who summons Abraham to be a blessing. Who calls to Moses from the burning bush. Who speaks to the people from the mountain and summons the world to justice. Who calls the world to compassion. Who opens unseeing eyes and gathers the outcast. Who grants birth from above and speaks forgiveness from the cross. Who answers the cries of the world through human hands and voices and the breath of his Spirit.

To him “all flesh shall come.” To him the world will turn. To the one who lays down his life and takes it up again. To the one who gathers the scattered and welcomes the sinner. To the one who is the hope of all the ends of the earth. To him we will all turn, for the human heart longs for mercy and truth and life.