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Quotes from today’s sermon.

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This is the most important thing to understand about the creed: although we use it as a doctrinal statement, it is not, at its core, a doctrinal statement. It is not about ideas; it is about a relationship.

The proper metaphor for the creed is wedding vows: the public proclamation of the tie that joins you together with another.

I get so weary of the arguments about creation and evolution because they entirely miss the point. The witness of the Biblical texts, the confession of Christian faith, is that God has made me. I didn’t make myself. I am not a random collection of particles. I am not the chance accumulation of genetic material. I am made.  And if I am made, then there is a maker. And if there is a maker, then there is a bond between the maker and the thing made. Every painting is an expression of the artist’s soul. Every building designed by an architect is an expression of his vision. Every sculpture is an expression of the artist’s hope, every song an expression of the singer’s passion and desire.

When you say the creed you are saying “I am God’s bread.” You are not saying, “God is a baker,” you are saying “I am God’s bread!”